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Al Wafi is a boarding school which implements Experiential Learning, and Active Learning Islamic Character Integrated (ALICI)

Al Wafi Islamic Boarding School is a Boarding School for Boys and Girls (for Junior and Senior High School level) with International Standard Education based on Al-Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH as interpreted by salafus sholih.

Al Wafi Islamic Boarding School is under direct supervision of Ust. Ali Saman Hasan Lc, M.A.(Achieved Nobel Prize from University Islamic of Madinah. He is the winners of the Excellence Award for the year 1437 AH. #Council chair Eminence Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al Sheikh management). Supported by masyaikh from Islamic University of Madinah – KSA as teacher and supervisor:

  • Syaikh Abu Abdillah Ahmad Abdullah AL SUDAIS from Bukairiyyah KSA
  • Syaikh Abu Hamad Abdullah Al matrudy from Riyad KSA
  • Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Al Ahmady
  • And some other Ulama from Madinah and Riyadh lainnya (Insyaa Allah)

Tahfidz Curriculum with Sanad

Boarding School Curriculum as interpreted by salafus shalih and integrated in daily life practices

International Curriculum with active English and Arabic

Teachers from reputable local and overseas universities such as Islamic University of Madinah, Al Azhar University Cairo, Al Imam University of Riyadh, Al Iman University of Yamane, International Islamic University Malaysia, Africa Islamic University Sudan, LIPIA, UI, UGM, ITB, UNJ, and UPI

Integrated Basic Leadership Program with academic and student life with dan keseharian santri di bawah bimbingan coach bersertifikat Internasional.

Language Development Program: 24 Hours Arabic and English

Basic Entrepreneurship


Extracurricular activities which focus on leadership character and entrepreneurship based on student potentials and interest.

Al Wafi Mart; Mini-market and pay based canteen

School and Dormitory Building with good infrastructure in conducive environment located in Bogor and Depok (close to Jakarta and BSD area) accessible from Jagorawi Highway

Clinic with experienced medical staff

Outdoor sport facilities: Basketball, Futsal, Mini soccer, and table tennis.

Extra-curricular activities: Leadership, Out-bound, Swimming, Basket Ball, Futsal, Archery Club, Martial Art; kungfu, Wingchun, 3D animation, Computer Programer,

Joint outbound activities with reputable outbound providers.

Al Wafi has Islamic Leadership and Learning Program led by Ustadz Kartiko Adi Pramono Dipl. Ing.HTL. ACMC , Founder and Owner dari Better-Habit Executive Leadership coach

Campus A
Jl. Raya Arco No.1 RT02 RW01 - Ragamukti, Kelurahan - Citayam, Kecamatan - Tajurhalang, Bogor.
Location Maps

Campus B
Jl. Raya Pengasinan, Kelurahan - Pengasinan, Kecamatan - Bojongsari, Sawangan, Depok, Jawa Barat.
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